Originally, this Tutorial was designed to be a pamphlet, and offered for sale. It was designed to come with a packet of Hebrew Letter Flash Cards, and the total package was going to be offered for $20.00 .
But, because it is crucial that we Israelites be able to understand Biblical Hebrew, this Tutorial is too important to be commercialize.
Let's face it; our people do not generally like to spend money on stuff like this. So, I'm hoping that you are like me; and will certainly use stuff like this if it is free.

So, please take advantage of this Tutorial, and don't hesitate to call me if you need help.


Hopefully, the Hebrew characters of these scanned pages can be understood.

If you have any questions, mail me.


Remember, mail me if any Hebrew characters of these scanned pages cannot be understood.


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Monetary contributions (no matter how small) are greatly appreciated. Be it in the form of a Money Order, Personal Check, or Postage Stamps - we'll take whatever you are willing to donate.

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